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Red Hulke!

This article was originally published in Doctor Who Magazine 489 in 2015. I remain extremely thankful that Tom Spilsbury and Peter Ware agreed to publish such a tangential piece and were so supportive during its gestation, and am also grateful for the permission from the copyright holders Panini UK to reproduce it here. Thanks also to the excellent staff at the National Archive who dealt patiently with my queries in those heady days before the Hulke files were released. All Hulke quotations appear by permission of the Hulke estate.

Malcolm Hulke is one of the key writers in the history of Doctor Who, but he died just before that history began to be documented in earnest, and consequently remains an elusive figure. Over the years, thanks…

Love Makes You Crazy

Zero Zero

Welcome to Thatcher’s Britain. Unemployment is soaring, the Falklands Factor has kicked in and an electoral landslide is imminent. But a recently launched television channel hoped to make a difference. Channel 4 would provide a radical alternative to mainstream broadcasting, both artistically and politically, and on February 5th 1983 they bravely handed over an hour of peak-time viewing to… Mike Batt.

The Scottish Prisoner

Space Time Visualiser: 1st February 1968

Today we look back 43 years to when the final episode of The Prisoner received its premiere. Change your clothes, crank up All You Need is Love and go through the door marked WELL COME to find out more about this geographically unusual event.

Armando Iannucci has often said that his childhood was blighted by the dread announcement “Except for those viewers in Scotland, who have their own programming” and you can see his point when he lists the kind of shows he missed out on. But there’s a big exception. If you were lucky enough to live in the STV region 43 years ago, then you got to see Fall Out, the final episode of The Prisoner, a whole day…

Whose Fanwank is it Anyway?

Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth

There’s not much left to say about The Stolen Earth that my estimable colleagues on this blog haven’t already said, but something Neil mentioned in his fabulous, nail-on-the-head review got me thinking about fanwank so I thought I’d make a few generalisations and see where it takes me. There were loads of references to the “classic” series in The Stolen Earth and previous episodes, but there were also many more references to stuff that has its origins in the new series. The Shadow Proclamation goes right back to Rose, the Medusa Cascade was mentioned at the end of series 3, and there are many other examples since the series came back, not least of which all those shennanigans about the Face…