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Valerie Singleton’s Erotic Sausage

The Rescue/The Romans DVD

I admit that I might not be typical, but until the DVD range appeared I experienced the Hartnell era of Doctor Who through a series of filters.  Firstly, the alternative universe of Target novelisations and pre-Pixley Doctor Who Weekly/Monthly archives, then via booze-fuelled drinking games in front of UK Gold (usually a series of elaborate bets – if you make it past A Race Against Death you get the dregs of the Diamond White – that kind of thing) and intermittently through bad VHS transfers that seemed designed to repel all but the very strongest or most masochistic.  So it’s been a particular pleasure to encounter Hartnell’s stories again without any interference aside from my ageing brain.  They haven’t all been great,…

Whose Fanwank is it Anyway?

Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth

There’s not much left to say about The Stolen Earth that my estimable colleagues on this blog haven’t already said, but something Neil mentioned in his fabulous, nail-on-the-head review got me thinking about fanwank so I thought I’d make a few generalisations and see where it takes me. There were loads of references to the “classic” series in The Stolen Earth and previous episodes, but there were also many more references to stuff that has its origins in the new series. The Shadow Proclamation goes right back to Rose, the Medusa Cascade was mentioned at the end of series 3, and there are many other examples since the series came back, not least of which all those shennanigans about the Face…